I've recently gotten back into doing a little bit with DIY audio after about a year off. I've been busy with my new career, as a HS math teacher, and simultaneously going to grad school for my Master's degree. Meanwhile there's been a backlog (just like a blog, only different) of projects building up.

Here's my To Do list:

• SE 7591 UL amp using basement parts
• rebuilding the Free Lunch amp into a clean chassis
• trying to better my 6C45π phono preamp somehow
• improving the Small Saul one-tube 13FM7 amps a bit

Let's see what I get done in the next few weeks while summer lasts!



Blogger Megan Lynch said...

My god, Jeremy, how do you *do* it? Being a husband and father is enough, being a HS teacher would be enough, but going to school to get a Master's simultaneously?? Dyanu!

2:06 PM  

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