One of the ideas that inspired Charles Darwin was selective breeding, the process by which dogs or horses are tailored over generations to excel at, and instinctively perform, a specific task. I was thinking about this today when I took Sam to Prospect Park to run after a tennis ball. Sam will run after a tennis ball with every fiber of his being. I'm pretty sure he doesn't think about why, or whether it's a good idea, or anything else for that matter - when the tennis ball flies, he runs and gets it, and brings it back, and that's all there is to it, and he enjoys the experience so much you can actually tell that a lot of his time in between chasing tennis balls is spent hoping that he's about to do it some more. It's a gift, and he knows it's what he's born to do.

I, on the other hand, have had some major difficulty finding my "purpose in life" - I have no idea what color my parachute is, despite a lot of attention to that question. Sam and I fill out each other's profiles really well - he knows exactly what he likes to do, but he has no opposable thumbs and almost no understanding of mathematics as far as I can tell. I, on the other hand, am a math teacher for crying out loud, and the good lord has blessed me with two thumbs and a tendency towards self-second-guessing. He really likes to be petted and I really like petting him. We both get a lot out of the deal, but I have to admit, I'm very jealous of his keen sense of self.


Blogger Miss F said...

Yes animals are amazing because they do things with such unaffected purpose- like eating and mating- they don’t try to rationalize or justify it and neither do they feel sorry and guilty about it.

I have thought that my purpose in life is to be a mother and have a family-my heart and soul years for it ^^*! But actually deep inside I know that I really have no other purpose in life other than to “be” – that’s the only time I feel truly and fully alive- where everything flows from my nature and instinct and thinking and feeling are one. It’s like I am not representing or pursuing any purpose or feeling- I am and I become “PURE FEELING”…

So anyway what’s my point in sharing you all this about meself- a complete stranger? I guess it’s just to show that I am an “animal” like your doggie and that like you I do ask about my purpose in life but i feel most myself when I reconcile myself w/ the idea that my purpose in life is just to “be”… ^^*

Stay adorable!

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Blogger Mr. Madeiras said...

I agree with Miss F. Does there have to be a purpose? Self awareness can be such a heavy weight on our shoulders. Our purpose in life doesn't have to change the world. Being a good father to a daughter IS purpose, and that should be enough. Why look deeply when the beauty and true meaning of the world is right in front of our eyes. It is good to see you found your way jeremy. - Kevin

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