OK, so the first thing I'll admit is that I'm not completely sane. That's a given. But, even with that said, there's something a little weird going on that I want to discuss.

I've been a pretty hard-core music maven for quite some years now. I was the kid who always brought a stack of albums to the parties in high school (I think I was convinced that, without me, the whole thing would degenerate into some sort of Disco Party!) I'm still the guy my friends go to for turntable advice, guidance in finding something obscure, or Name That Tune help. I can explain the difference between Leo Nocentelli and Rico Petrocelli, or "Hungry" Williams and "Jabbo" Starks, with the best of them. (Although sometimes I do get "Fathead" Newman mixed up with our current President.)

But lately I haven't been listening to music that much. Sure, my iPod is with me everywhere I go, and sure, I find myself hitting "repeat" four times when Lil' Millet & His Creoles come on, or dancing in my subway seat to Nigerian disco from the 70's. But I'd have to say I spend more time downloading, retagging, transcoding and otherwise caretaking my digital music collection than I do listening to it these days.

What the hell is wrong with me?