Today was Thanksgiving. Our company is in Cincinnati and the producers treated us to a yummy dinner on a riverboat. We rode to & from the wharf in our by-now-familiar bus convoy, and on the way back I happened to be on a bus predominately filled with our truck drivers, plus the crew responsible for the show's animals. We feature camels and sheep, including this new lamb, 1 week old yesterday.

Anyway, the truckers were all pretty drunk, and hilarity ensued:

Q: "What are the two sexiest farm animals?"
A: "Brown-chicken brown-cow!" (sing it out loud, rhymes with "Bow'm-chick-a-bow-bow)

" . . . Kansas hasn't been GPS'ed yet - the three people who live there know how to get where they're going . . . ."

Animal Wrangler: "One of my crew has to go to court when we get back off the road."
Trucker: "What are they saying he did?"
AW: "Statutory rape."
T: "Whoa! He's in pretty deep trouble!"
AW: "Yeah, turns out that goat was only a kid."

So, this Thanksgiving I'll say I'm grateful for dumb jokes, my faraway, but wonderful family, and the prospect of a new President with his own sharp sense of humor and beautiful family. Happy Thanksgiving everybody!


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