I had occasion to visit my own blog today and saw to my horror that - if I didn't post today - it'd be one year without a post. damn - since when did *I* have nothing to say?

Resolved: at least a post a month in 2010.



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This is an off-subject note because I cannot find your email address. I've been looking at your audio designs- they look quite good. I want to build my own phono stage. I already have one that I have modified with help from posters (especially Naz) on Audio Asylum tube DIY asylum, but I am getting rumbling noises that I haven't diagnosed yet. Anyway, I want to scratch build (first time) a phono stage for MC cart (ATOC9ML [0.4mV], Linn Sondek, Linn Ittok LVII, Linn Lingo PS, Cayin TA-30 integrated tube amp). Currently using a cheap 3 X 12AX7 phono stage with Lundahl SUT at 1:5 that I have moded. Naz also believes in the 6C45 tube, so I am wanting to try to build the one posted on your site. I cannot find your email address and was wanting to get more specifics and updates if possible. Thanks, Kip.......


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